At PresentRobotics, we envision a world where distance is but a minor hurdle, not a barrier. Our core expertise lies in crafting state-of-the-art telepresence robots, designed to bridge the physical gap and bring people closer, irrespective of the miles that separate them. Our journey began with creating telepresence robots that redefine the way individuals connect and interact.

As we venture into our next chapter, we’re excited to announce the development of a groundbreaking version of our telepresence robots—now enhanced with an Arm. This new feature paves the way for a myriad of applications. Whether it’s aiding the elderly with day-to-day tasks, enabling remote medical consultations, or assisting differently-abled individuals in experiencing the world around them, our robotic arm addition is a game changer.

The integration of audio and video call capabilities further empowers users to communicate effortlessly, forming authentic connections without the constraints of geographical boundaries. The blend of tactile and communicative functionalities encapsulates our relentless pursuit of fostering human interactions, transcending the conventional understanding of what telepresence can achieve.

Our team is a blend of mechanical engineers, roboticists, and seasoned technical product managers. With a touch of whimsy, we refer to ourselves as the magicians of robotics, conjuring innovations that were once relegated to the realm of imagination. Each member brings a wealth of experience from diverse, top-tier academic backgrounds, all united by a common goal: to push the boundaries of what’s possible in robotic telepresence.

We are diligently working to bring this revolutionary version to the forefront. Stay tuned as we inch closer to unveiling a new era of telepresence robotics, where our creations will redefine accessibility and human interaction. The future is not just about being present—it’s about engaging, assisting, and experiencing seamlessly, with PresentRobotics leading the way.

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